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Friday, February 4, 2011

Life Lessons from a 1st grader

The other day Rebecca was telling me about her day in school and she told me a story I just had to record because I know someday I will enjoy reading it again(and probably miss her 6-year-old little self too).So here it is.Rebecca usually plays with her "bestest" friend, we'll call her N,during recess. This year N and Rebecca are in different classes so the only time they get to see each other is during recess.Because of all the snow and cold temperatures the kids haven't been going outside for recess a lot and this gave Rebecca the chance to get to know the kids in her own class and develop relationships with them.She tells me about these relationships a lot and I get first hand reports in the words and point of view of a 6-year old.It makes for some very interesting conversations(either that or I just need to talk to adults more often).Anyway,she tells me her friends have formed this BFFs club.Again, these are 6 and 7 year olds, ok? So, as she was making her V-day cards her friend G who's part of the BFF's peeks over at her desk and guess who she is making her first card to? Not G,or any of the other BFFs.She is making the very first V-day card for N! G does not like what she sees and tells Rebecca she is not part of the BFFs club anymore.The whole time I was listening to this story I was feeding Olivia and kinda had my back to her.At this point I stop and look at Rebecca thinking that she will tell me how devastated she was to hear that.She looks at me, rolls her eyes and says: Yeah,like I care about clubs and stuff like that.I just looked at her and said -G,I'm your friend but I can have OTHER friends too you know!. She said her friend was not happy with her but at the end of the day she told Rebecca that she could be in the club again.Rebecca was glad her friend was on good terms with her again but just to make sure she doesn't make any of her friends jeolous or upset again about this she changed the name on her first V-day card to: OLIVIA.Yeah thats right, her little sister Olivia.I guess this club understand that little sisters always come before BFFs?I dont know. I was proud of her for speaking up though.This was not the first time someone pulled the if-you-play-with-them-and-not-me-I-won't-be-friends-with-you kind of a thing on her.It happened in the beggining of the year too and I remember her being really upset that one of her friends didn't want to be friends with the other and she would have to choose between them.She is a very resilient little girl this one.Very opinionated too(you should hear her theory on why it's perfectly ok to play with b-o-y-s, even though her 9 year old cousin says they're icky) In the end she didn't hurt G's feelings by not making her the first card,but didn't cross her best friend off the list either.She dodged her first relationship bullet.She is not a people pleaser this girl so all her friends better get along or...she will give exclusivity to a one-year-old!

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  1. oh the trials and tribulations of childhood friendships... not looking forward to those days - sounds like you've got a girl with a good head on her shoulders.