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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Olivia is 1!

And boy is she cute at one!Olivia packs a lot of personality in that little 19lbs body of hers.She loves praise and attention,so you better give it to her or she will charm you to death.Really,be careful.She is a little over one now(17 days)and has started walking.So when you see her walking,tell her she is doing a great job and to keep up the good work 'cause if you don't she will walk over to you and tug on your pants as if saying, "Hey, have you seen me do this?! Yeah, she's cute like that.Olivia is into books now, but not all books.She likes books with big bold pictures of babies and animals.She likes to hear the sounds that each of the animals make over and over and over again...and then one more time.She is also a screamer so we all obey(though I think she secretly prefers that I do it, I do a pretty good cow...ha hem) Olivia is very lovey dovey with us and with her favorite stuffed bear,Cutie(a care bear she sleeps,plays,eats with)but watch out if she has a toy in her hand because she is rough.She will throw toys just to see them hit the floor or the wall for that matter.We're working on that.We're also working with her sleep patterns wich right now inconsistent and driving mommy craaaazyyyy.Anyways, she is also a talker.She baby-talks all of the time.She says random words,she signs a few words too.When we ask her a question she understands like "you want some strawberries?' she actually answers with yes or no and shakes her head accordinly.It's still hard for us to think back of when she was born and had to stay in the hospital.She couldn't come home with us because of a blood incompatibility(I'm O-positive,she's A-negative).The doctors had her stay under the lights from day one because her bilirubin numbers were so high.She didn't need blood transfusion,she got to come home with us two days after I had left the hospital.We were so thankful.We still are.We're so happy we get to be in her life.So that's our little girl for ya!We love you Olivia! Keep up the good work.

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