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Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter Funk

I'm in a winter funk and I can't get out of it.I don't like cold weather,never have.But in January/February is when I like it the least hate it the most.January is the coldest and snowiest month and February the longest of the cold months(and maybe this year it will be the snowiest).Some things I think would kinda help me get out of it though,maybe:
        Having my Glee back(new season starts next week,yay!)
        My beautiful canary getting done molting and start singing his lovely songs again(he always cheers me up)
        Reading an AMAZING book,suggestions anyone?
        Going outside more.May seem like not a good idea for someone who doesn't like cold but seeing nature and my daughter playing actually makes me happy so... maybe.
        Having friends and family over more often.Last saturday I baked a two cakes and hosted my nieces b-day party here and it was a lot of fun.
Anyone have any suggestions on dealing with winter funk? If so,please leave a comment.I will hybernating in my cave.

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  1. Hi Fran, thanks for stopping by my blog. First let me say that your girls are absolutely the cutest! My daughter had a head full of curls just like your older daughter.

    Now that I'm not working I actually don't mind winter so much. I get a lot of projects done around the house. Since your kids are still little that might be a challenge for you. When mine were small we used to have "reading parties" where we brought a stack of books to my bed and read for hours. We also did the old standby, creating a fort out of sofa cushions and blankets and spent the day playing board games. My house was usually pretty messy on those days, but my kids still remember them now that they are older.